Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Resume Template?

Your resume is often the first impression you make at a job application. The large number of reactions for each job post makes it necessary that you make a great first impression. The resume is often the first impression you make. It is the first thing recruiter will look at when you apply for a job. When there are lots of candidates the recruiters will ofter make a first selection on just a glimpse on each resume. Strong resume content is very important but a stylish resume can hels you to stand out from competitors and to make a solid first impression.

What program or device do I need to edit the templates?

We recommend to edit the template on a desktop or laptop computer. The templates are not suitable for editing on mobile devices.
You can edit the templates in Microsoft Word and/or PowerPoint 2007 or a newer version of MS Office (this software is not included).
We cannot garantee full compatibility with Pages, Keynotes, Google docs or Word Online.

I have a iMac / MacBook, can I work with the templates on my computer?

It is possible to work with the templates on a iMac or MacBook as long as you have Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer.
Note: We cannot garantee full compatibility with Pages or Keynotes

Is it hard to edit the templates? What computer skills do I need?

It is important to have some basic Ms Word/Powerpoint knowledge and skills.  Skills like copy/pasting, working with textboxes, multiple selections etc.
There is an instruction document with extra tips and instructions included in the downloadable Zip package.
Having problems with customizing the template? Contact us  and we will try to help you with tips as soon as possible.

When will I receive the templates files?

You will get a download link to download the files immediately after completing you order and payment. There will be a download link on the final check-out page (return page after Paypal) and you will receive a download link in your email directly after completing the order and payment.
If you don’t see a download link on the final check-out page, try refreshing the page.  Check your spambox if you don’t see a mail with download link in your mailbox. Can’t find a download link anywhere? Please contact us via sales[at] We will try to help you as soon as possible.

What do I get when I purchase a resume template?

You will get the cv template files and matching cover letter templates. You will receive both in MS Word and PowerPoint files and in paper size US Ltter as well as paper size A4 settings. 
There is also an instruction document included.
For some templates it is necessary to download and install extra fonts. Within the instruction document you will find download links to download these extra fonts.

Can I make changes to the color schemes, fonts and textboxes in the template?

All template are built in open Word and PowerPoint files. You can change color, fonts, text etc. It is even possible remove, add or reposition complete elements of the cv templates.

Can I change the text or the language in the headers , titles or body text?

All text in the templates can be overwritten (headers, titles, body text).
You can also change the language settings of the document and overwrite the text in your preferred language. 

Why should I save my resume as a PDF file?

We recommend to save your resume template as a PDF file. By sending your resume as a PDF file you make sure that the recipient will see the resume exactly the same as you see it on your computer. When you send a Word files it is possible that the recipient open your file in a different MS Office version, or in a file viewer and that the lay-out of your resume will be affected.

Can I add extra pages in the template?

Yes this is possible. You can make a copy of the front page (or the already existing second page) and use that as a copy for next pages.
Follow these steps in Word:
First save your file
Go to the upper left corner of the page you want to copy
Press and hold the left mouse button and drag it to bottom right corner of the page (this will select all elements on that page)
Press Ctrl-C (copy all elements)
Press Ctrl-Enter (create a new white page, both pages will turn white)
Click on the top left corner of the first page and press Ctrl-V (paste all elements).
Do the same on the top left corner of the second white page.
PowerPoint: In PowerPoint you can just copy paste the slide in the overview on the left side of the screen.

How can I get my picture into the right spot on the resume template in Word?

Copy/paste (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V) your picture to the document. In Word you have to position the picture “in front of the text” first. Select the picture, go to “Picture tools/format” on the top menu. Click on “wrap text” and select “in front of text”. After this step you can pick up the picture and place it into the right spot.